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Clamshell options with i3s, Ryzen 3s, SSDs and much more… By Blue Water Tech A decent upscaling This category, rising above the entry-level laptops platform, nudges the low-mid ground level and brings along a slew of improvements. There is a marked step up in processing speeds, data transfer speeds, and efficiency with some even offering… Read More »10 Best Laptops under 40,000 in India, 2022.

Best budget Laptops in India

Gaming laptops that whet your excitement and gaming sense… By Blue Water Tech Top 11 gaming laptops under 100,000 in India, 2022. What makes a capable Gaming laptop? The ingredients of an efficient gaming laptop are also vital aspects of a computer. These are the CPU, the RAM and internal storage which provide the vanguard… Read More »11 Best Gaming Laptops under / around 1,00,000 in India (2022 )

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Irresistible touchscreen laptops with Hi-res quality visuals that offer functional convenience and style. By Blue Water Tech The Touchscreen niche is widening it’s footprint Touchscreens have become a popular feature in mainstream work and academics-oriented laptops. Not to be found in the budget-sensitive category, laptops with capacitive touch-sensitive screens have begun to trickle into the… Read More »9 Best Touchscreen Laptops under 1,00,000 in India in 2022

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Laptops that flip into tablet and tent modes and detachables that shed the keyboard / Some of the Top 2-in-I Convertible laptops in India. By Blue Water Tech What is a 2-in-I convertible laptop? Hybrid laptops or 2-in-I convertibles, as they are popularly called, are a remarkable innovation that offer the flexibility and choice of… Read More »8 Best convertible laptops under 100,000 in India in 2022.

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Blazing processing speeds, massive memory and cutting edge tech features. The Top 12 in this premium category offer all of this and more… By Blue Water Tech Premium features When you crank up your budget to this level, you are obviously looking for more and better features in a laptop. With these picks, you likely… Read More »12 Best Laptops under 1,00,000 ( 2022 )

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Delightful to use – work, study and work-cum- gaming laptops. The top 10 laptops in India, in this class. By Blue Water Tech Higher calibre, more efficiency As you move up the price ladder, in search of an optimal laptop, you come across options that see surprising leaps in calibre, performance and features. Processors get… Read More »10 Best Laptops under 80,000, 2022 | Buyer’s Guide | Review

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The next step up in efficiency and versatility. Top laptops in India, in this class. Top 10 laptops under 70,000 in India in 2022. By Blue Water Tech A step up in efficiency Having a higher-level laptop means you are no longer driving in the slow lane. Zippy processors and spry SSDs ensure that you… Read More »10 Best laptops under 70,000 in India, 2022 | Buyer’s Guide and Review

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Powered by i5 and the robust Ryzen, find the best – in – class laptops here… The top 10 laptops under 60,000 in India in 2022. By Blue Water Tech A laptop can be your most reliable ally Picking the optimal laptop means you’ve got the single most important tool to power you through your… Read More »10 Best Laptops under 60,000 in India, 2022.

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Mid-level options for work, academics and casual gaming. The top laptops available in India. 10 Best Laptops under 50,000 in India, 2022. By Blue Water Tech Optimum level Level next is all about improving the performance of your laptop and a boost in power and performance is what you are likely looking for. The areas… Read More »10 Best Laptops under 50,000 in India, 2022.

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An array of entry level and beginner’s laptops unfolded here, in this Buyer’s Guide – Best Laptops under 30000 / Best budget laptops. By Blue Water Tech Top 10 Laptops under/around 30000 The bare necessities Entry-level laptops begin with Celeron and AMD processors and graduate to the slightly more spry Pentium chipsets before topping out… Read More »10 Best Laptops under/around 30000 in India, 2022.

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Best budget Laptops in India

Choosing a laptop is not so trifling a matter. Here are the essentials you need to know before you buy one. By Blue Water Tech Choosing the right laptop Picking the ‘right laptop’ isn’t a matter of impulsive buying. Nor is it a garden variety decision to make. In fact, if your choice of laptop… Read More »How to Choose the right laptop | Buyer’s Guide 2022.