10 Best 43 inch 4K LED TVs In India ( 2022 )

Best 43 inch 4K TVs in India (2022 )

43 inch smart tv

4K resolution — the new normal

The expression 4K, simply, implies that the pixel count or resolution of the TV is boosted by roughly four times over the 1080 pixels that a traditional non – 4k TV offers. Hence, the term ” 4K. For the viewer, it translates into sharper images, more picture detail and more lively rendering of colours.

This ‘ pixel expression‘ is often accompanied by another term – HDR. The combination of 4K and HDR results in a picture that’s more vivid and lifelike. Colors are less muted, and objects in images appear to have more depth lending a vast improvement to picture quality.

4K is the benchmark

More and more content is being streamed in native 4K and HDR format. With the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video getting seriously involved, ” 4K HDR” is increasingly going mainstream.

Here, in this ‘ Buyer’s guide’, we consider the best 43 inch Smart 4K TVs available in 2022, in India.

1. Sony Bravia 43 inch 4K UHD, Android LED TV ; 43X7400 H

Super Sony processor

This Sony 43 inch Smart 4K TV model combines X1 4K processor power and the Android system to literally put you on a Cloud with its performance.

Thoughtful design

The build of the TV is excellent with the display sporting very narrow bezels and a slim, sleek stand. The cable management helps keep the cables concealed. With no dangling cables, the screen surroundings stay uncluttered.

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Defining features and specifications (Sony 43 inch 4K TV)

Screen /Display : 43 inch / 4K UHD ; HDR 10 | Resolution : | 3840 X 2160 p | Refresh rate : 50 Hz | Smart features : Voice Search, Android TV, Chromecast, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, 4K HDR gaming, Google Play Store | Audio : Bass Reflex speakers ; Clear Audio + ; 20 Watts Output | Connectivity : 3 HDMIand 2 USB ports | Warranty : 1-year comprehensive warranty and additional 1-year Warranty on panel

Visual brilliance

The X1 4K processor, a creation of Sony, produces a rich spectrum of colours and brings out the depth of each colour resulting in an enjoyable visual experience. The Sony Triluminos Display further enhances the visuals by creating a life-like splash of colours.

Blur free viewing and gaming

4K HDR along with Motion Flow XR ensures that the detailed fast sequences are visible with a high level of clarity. This also extends to the gaming experience, which is a thrill for the gaming buffs. On sheer performance, this Sony TV ranks as one of the Best 43 inch Smart 4K TVs in India, and indeed anywhere else.

Superior sound tech

The system uses Bass Reflex Speakers and Clear Audio + to produce crystal clear and crisp surround sound effect. The Clear Phase Audio ensures that the sound output is natural and smooth.

Cast your content

Chromecast lets you shift and view your favourite and important content to the big screen of your TV.

Entertainment apps

It puts you in Google zone with a high number of Google apps while Google Assistant puts your voice in the driver’s seat of operating when required.

Youtube, and Netflix are just ‘one-click’ away with the Remote Hot Keys.


The X-Protection PRO keeps the TV out of harm’s way due to dust, humidity, voltage surges and lightning.

A superior smart quotient makes this one of the Best Smart TVs in India.


  • Sleek and stylish looks
  • High-quality Audiovisuals
  • X1 4K processor
  • Good Smart Quotient
  • It’s a Sony


  • Not much

Expert Eye Verdict

Impressive features and Sony audiovisual excellence makes it a compelling choice.

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2. LG 43 inch 4K Smart UHD LED TV ; 43 UM7720 PTY ( Light Black)

IPS panel

The LG 43 UM 7720 is one of the best 43 inch 4K TVs in India. It uses an IPS display panel that produces a high degree of resolution and clarity produced by it’s amazing HDR 10 Pro, while retaining almost 100% colour accuracy even at 60-degree angles.

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Defining features and specifications ( LG 43 inch TV)

Screen /Display : 43 inch / 4K UHD ; HDR 10 | Resolution : | 3840 X 2160 p | Refresh rate : 60 Hz | Smart features – AI THINQ, Cloud Photo and Video Airplay 2, Web OS, Voice Assistants, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video | Memory : 1.5 GB RAM ; 8 GB memory | Audio – 20 watts ; 2-ch. powerful AI sound ; AI Acoustic tuning | Voice control : Amazon Alexa enabled | Bluetooth and WiFi : Yes | Connectivity : 2 HDMI and 2 USB ports | Warranty : 1 year comprehensive warranty and additional 1-year Warranty on panel

Powerful processor

The TV possesses a Quad Core Processor that detects low-resolution images and converts them into sharper and more life-like images. The colour and contrast are up-scaled to a high level of vividness resulting in sharper and richer image production.

Active HDR plays a crucial role

The technology uses a multi – HDR ( HDR10 +HLG) along with LG’s dynamic scene – by – scene adjustment tech to enhance and reflect true HDR quality. This is reflected in visuals with rich, subtle colour reproduction.

Sound quality

The excellent, high-quality visuals are brought to life by the DTS Virtual X speakers that deliver crisp and clear sound from all angles to create an impressive sight and sound experience, making it a TV of choice.

You can enjoy content of your choice, be it movies, music or your private albums on your high-resolution big screen by connecting your smart devices.

Voice Activation

The smartness quotient is not high enough if voice activation is not part of the technology. In this respect, you have both Google Assistant as well as Alexa to make life easy for you. These aids relieve you of the usual labour involved with text entry when you choose to be a little relaxed while using your TV or devices.

Conducive to gaming

The smart HGIG technology allows for an immersive gaming experience. With low latency, the audio-video is well lined up offering a very low lag that is almost not noticed.

Smart quotient

Airplay 2 allows you to connect this 43 inch Smart 4K TV to your Apple devices too.

AI ThinQ connects you to NETFLIX, Amazon Prime, Hotstar and many more apps with WebOS.

The Magic remote conveniently helps you connect your smart devices to the Home Dashboard.


  • Excellent picture quality 
  • Voice Assistants 
  • Airplay 2 connects Apple devices
  • Good sound technology 
  • Sleek and elegant design


  • Magic Remote needs to be bought separately

Expert Eye Verdict

This is a feature-rich TV with excellent picture quality making it one of the best 43 inch Smart 4K TVs in India.

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3. Sony Bravia 43 inch 4K, UHD Smart LED Google TV KD – X 80J ( Black) with Alexa compatibility.

Complete package

The X80J Bravia (Sony 43 inch Smart 4K LED TV ) model is a truly brilliant performance-driven TV. It incorporates excellent technology, be it the picture quality, sound output, the wide array of smart features or Sony’s X-protection Pro for safety. You can even hook it up with the Sony PlayStation for an outstanding 4K HDR gaming experience.

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Defining features and specifications (Sony 4k TV)

Screen /Display : 43 inch / 4K UHD ; HDR 10 | Resolution : | 3840 X 2160 p | Refresh rate : 60 Hz | Smart features : | Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Android TV, Voice Search, Google Play HDR Gaming, Chromecast | Audio : Built-in 5.1 channel linear sound effect ; Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision ; Clear Audio + | Connectivity : 4 HDMI and 3 USB ports ; 5 Ghz WiFi, Ethernet and Bluetooth | Warranty : 1-year comprehensive warranty and additional 1-year Warranty on panel

Exceptional display

Sony’s 4K Processor X1 identifies minor details of every image and enhances the picture clarity to a high degree.

Alongside, the 4K HDR turns out a brilliant performance by producing an enhanced and wider range of brightness, colour and contrast. The result is an extraordinary picture quality that is ahead of others.

Triluminos Pro

Sony’s exceptional Triluminos Pro picture technology gives life to over a billion colours lending a stupendous stretch to the spectrum. The expanded hues and gradients in colours makes images and scenes extremely real-world like, truly bringing nature into living room. Couple this with Sony’s Object Based HDR Remaster which differentiates between objects to specifically adjust colour and contrast based on how they should appear naturally, and you have a display that is capable of crystal clarity that lesser TVs cannot provide.

Motionflow XR 200

Lesser technologies usually reveal an almost unnoticeable, minor ‘judder’ between successive frames in a scene. Sony’s unique Motionflow technology makes intra- scene frames lag-free making each transition between frames and scenes smoothe and seamless.

Sony sound

To complete the audiovisual experience, Sony uses 5.1 channel built-in Speakers and Clear Audio + that produces intense and clear sound. The speaker system is designed to reproduce clear, rich sounds to suit the content, be it sport, music or movies. Whatever you are watching, the viewing experience provided by Sony is exceptional.

Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision

These two extreme technologies provide immersive sound that emerges with clarity, making different frequencies come through as distinct, based on instruments and vocals. These Dolby technologies reproduce a realistic, multi-dimensional and dramatic sound stage right in your living room.


The Android aspect adds the dimension of a smartphone to the TV. All that you do or work at on your smartphone can be done on your big Bravia screen. Connect different devices to your Smart TV and enjoy apps, movies and other content in a big way. This is one of the best smart TVs in India.

Ample Apps

The TV enables streaming from NETFLIX and Amazon Prime Video. So you can watch your favorite content, be it movies, TV shows, sports in rich 4K and HDR.

For the music enthusiast in you, it offers TV MUSIC Box app that, not only lets you listen to your favourite music from your different devices but also lets you save your playlists on your Bravia.

To make viewing simpler, this TV sports an intelligent content bar that allows you to quickly find a movie in your preferred order.

IR Blaster provided lets you control your DTH box and your TV with one remote.

4K gaming experience

This TV partners perfectly with your PlayStation to give you a thrilling 4K HDR experience.

Stylish looks

The build of the TV is based on a ‘slim n sleek’ look which is enhanced and retained by the ‘cable management’ which keeps the cables in compact order, so it only ends up enhancing the ambience of the living room.

X protection Pro

Acts as your TV shield against dust, humidity and voltage surges.


  • 4k X-Reality technology
  • Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision
  • Outstanding picture and Audio 
  • PlayStation compatible
  • X-protection Pro for safety


  • None at all

Expert Eye Verdict

A super Sony offering. You can’t go wrong with this one. This is one of the Best 43 inch Smart 4K TVs in India in 2022.

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4. LG 43 inch 4K UHD Smart certified Android LED TV ; UM7790PTA With Built-in Alexa ( Black)

Truly smart

The 7790PTA LG TV is an Alexa and Google Assistant enabled smart offering that keeps pace with the latest TV technology. AI ThinQ helps it evolve into a keen, user-friendly TV with ‘Smart entertainer ‘. LG brings one of the best 43 inch 4K smart TVs in India, to your living room.

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Defining features and specifications (LG 43 inch 4K TV )

Screen /Display : 43 inch / 4K UHD ; HDR 10 | Resolution : | 3840 X 2160 p | Refresh rate : 60 Hz | Smart features : Built-in WiFi | WEB OS | Alexa and Google Assistant | Apple Airplay 2 | AI ThinQ | AI Acoustic tuning | Home Dashboard | Magic remote | Audio : 2.0 ch. surround sound ; 20 watts | Connectivity : 2 HDMI and 1 USB ports | Warranty : 1-year comprehensive warranty and additional 1-year Warranty on panel

Powerful Quad core processor

The Quad-Core processor is capable of high accuracy that eliminates noise and scales up the colours and contrast to make the visuals sharper and more distinct. Even images produced at much lower resolution are transformed into close to hi-res 4K quality images.

Adaptive technology

LG’s dynamic scene by scene Adaptive feature lends true colour accuracy to the visuals profile that simply makes pictures appear more lively, realistic and colourful than conventional picture technology.

Superior 4K standard

4K Active multi HDR format, including the superior standard HDR 10 and HLG enables the TV to produce amazing HDR quality that brings to life every fast paced scene making your viewing experience exciting and satisfying.

Smoothe image and scene transition

The Hi-res 4K display is designed around the IPS panel technology which ensures stutter-free and much greater picture quality. Being 4K enabled this model addresses details in colour and contrast to produce images in a wide gamut of hues and shades with a high degree of clarity and vividness.

Powerful surround sound

The TV hosts a 20 watt 2.0 powerful speaker with a built-in subwoofer that adds an exciting audio dimension to it’s high pedigree picture reproduction.

DTS Virtual X with it’s high quality surround sound makes the sound appear from different directions creating an engaging wrap around audio effect.

AI Acoustic tuning

This feature enables the TV to detect your seating arrangement and provides optimal spot specific sound effect without any effort to adjust the sound.

ThinQ AI

Equipped with ThinQ AI, it makes the user’s interactive effort light and easy thereby offering a relaxed viewing experience. It is in the nature of AI ThinQ to remember your preferences and viewing patterns and suggest options in movies, music or programs that will naturally appeal to you.

Similarly, it responds to your voice requests for ideas and information that you require.

Airplay compatible

Sync your smart apple devices to seamlessly and simply watch your favorite content, including movies and albums on the exciting Hi-res 4K display of your TV.

Dashboard interface

Using the intuitive on-screen Home Dashboard and Magic Remote, you can remotely access other smart devices as well as set up your daily routine.

Minimalist design

The TV is crafted and based on a minimalist design approach making it appear sleek and elegant. It easily blends into your living room ambience lending a wholesome feel. The above features make it one of the best 4K Smart LED TVs in India.


  • Superior picture technology
  • Excellent sound quality
  • ThinQ AI
  • IPS panel technology
  • Well designed


  • None

Expert Eye Verdict

A sophisticated, high quality TV. Easily among the best 43 inch 4K smart LED TVs in India in 2022.

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5. Samsung, The Serif series. 43 inch 4K UHD, Smart QLED TV. QA43LS01TAKXXL

Well designed

The Serif look is contained in a uniquely designed frame. Not from the regular palette that mainly produces shades of black. It has a white frame with an ‘I sectionprofile and makes a beauty statement.

The attention-grabbing white frame holds a sleek and stylish body, complete with an ‘A’ line stand. A Samsung 4K TV to cherish.

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Defining features and specifications (Samsung 43 inch TV)

Screen /Display : 43 inch / QLED 4K UHD ; HDR 10 | Resolution : | 3840 X 2160 p | Refresh rate : 60 Hz | Smart features : Voice Assistants, Home Cloud, SmartThings App, Live Cast, Screen Share, Home Computer | Audio : 40 WATTS, DOLBY Digital plus | Connectivity : 4 HDMIand 2 USB ports | Warranty : 1-year comprehensive warranty and additional 1-year Warranty on panel

Samsung picture technology

The Serif model uses Samsung’s Quantum Dot Technology that reproduces a brilliant spectrum of deep, rich, yet subtle colours on the QLED screen. The HDR10 + ensures that the brightness and contrast are automatically adjusted according to the needs of the images. This translates into extremely high quality on-screen visuals that make viewing exciting.

Multi-View and Tap View.

These are unique features of this TV. The first allows you to watch TV and your smartphone on-screen content simultaneously on your large TV screen, while the second allows you to shift the movie or any content you have been watching on your smartphone to your TV screen with just a quick, gentle tap.

Good sound

The sound system produces highly distinct and clear sounds with its Active Voice Amplifier so your focus on dialogues is not diminished and you continue to enjoy the content.

Multiple Voice Assistants

Bixby, Alexa and Google Assistant are all available to place commands at the tip of your tongue, so to speak. That leaves you with options of voice commands to conveniently operate your TV. Whenever you do not want to bother with text entries, your able Assistants are happy to help.

Computer mode

Samsung technology that allows you to swiftly turn your TV into a personal computer allowing you to complete your assignments on the big screen.

Your own Cloud

In addition, it has Home Cloud that is your own space for bytes that you can store and retrieve at will without depending on an outside source.

Live Cast

The Live Cast acts as an exciting feature that enables you to actually broadcast a live event on to your TV.

Music Player

Converts your screen into a ‘ virtual music system‘ that simulates sound and beats graphics on the screen. It gives you the feel of having a dedicated music system.

Ambient Mode and Murals

While the Ambient Mode provides a range of choices and settings, theno blank screen’ feature produces beautiful nature-inspired images on the screen when you are not actually watching TV. The presence of these images introduces a feel of liveliness in your living room. This is the only TV with this unique feature among the Best 43 inch Smart 4K TVs in India.


  • Quantum Dot technology
  • Multiple Voice Assistants
  • Attractive Mural mode
  • Good Sound technology 
  • Novel white, stylish design


  • Nothing significant

Expert Eye Verdict

The Serif series by Samsung is simply brilliant and stands out among the best smart TVs available in India.

6. Sony Bravia 43 inch, 4K, UHD Smart , Android LED TV ; KD – 43X74 ; ( Black) with Alexa.

Sony superiority

The KD- 43X74 is the latest offering by Sony Bravia that lives up to its reputation of providing the best picture quality in the industry. It actually, scales a notch higher in its commitment to provide the highest degree of quality visuals with the introduction of CalMAN ready features, so it delivers visual quality with professional-grade- colour reproduction.

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Defining features and specifications ( Sony 43 inch TV)

Screen /Display : 43 inch / 4K UHD ; HDR 10 | Resolution : | 3840 X 2160 p | Refresh rate : 60 Hz | Smart features : Voice Search, Android TV, Chromecast, Google Play, HDR gaming, Netflix Recommended, Amazon Prime Video | Audio : Dolby Audio ; Open Baffle speakers with punchy bass ; Clear Audio + ; 2. 0 channels speaker | Bluetooth Yes | WiFi : Yes ; 5 Ghz | Connectivity : 3 HDMI ports | Warranty : 1-year comprehensive warranty |

Sony’s X1 4K HDR processor

Sony’s superior processor delivers amazing picture clarity that gets as close to 4K reality as current technology allows.It makes the entire colour gamut bloom to life-like visuals on your TV. The contrast, too, is enhanced to provide optimal separation of detail to provide easy-on-the-eye visuals.

Sony’s 4K X-Reality Pro

It enhances the richness of the visuals by closing in on detail and texture to provide true 4K resolution. Even images captured at 2K or FHD are transformed to close to 4K resolution images.


This Display technology provides a brilliant, splash of vivid colours that contains more hues than most other TVs.

True gaming experience

Motion Flow XR makes gaming more exciting. This technology ensures continuity of fleeting sequences to keep the visuals blur-free and give you a truly cinematic feel.

Sony surround audio

The Bass Reflex Speakers helps the audio keep pace with the visuals by delivering crisp and clear sounds with a punchy bass without drowning the clarity of sound. The Dolby ATMOS produces a crisp surround sound that wraps itself around the viewer giving the feeling of a truly high-quality cinematic experience.

Smart Quotient

Voice control using the dependable Google Assistant makes sure you get relief from text entry when you need it. You can effortlessly connect your smartphone, security cameras and appliances by speaking to your TV. Alexa allows you to conveniently adjust the controls, including switching channels using voice command.

Entertainment apps

Android apps give you quick and sure access to a large number of apps and entertainment media like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube and Google Play.


Using Apple Airplay, you can stream videos and photos from your iPhone, iPad and Mac to the large screen of your TV.

To activate Netflix, all you need to do is use a single-click button on the remote.

Design and Protection

This Bravia is beautifully designed to give it a minimalist yet sleek and stylish look that easily slips into the ambience of the living room.

X-PROTECTION PRO makes sure your TV is safe from the elements. It prevents dust, humidity, electrical surges and even lightning strikes of up to 9000v.


  • Sleek and elegant looks
  • X1 4K processor
  • Outstanding audiovisual quality
  • High Smart Quotient
  • X-protection for safety


  • None

Expert Eye Verdict

Simply brilliant. One of the best 43 inch Smart 4K TVs in India (2022).

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7. Samsung 43 inch 4K UHD, LED Smart TV ; UA43TU8000KBXL

Samsung quality

This Samsung 4K TV comes with a host of smart features and adequate connectivity ports to enable external smart devices. The picture and audio quality are excellent, making it an extremely good option among the best 43 inch Smart 4K TVs in India.

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Defining features and specifications ( Samsung 43 inch TV)

Screen /Display : 43 inch / 4K UHD ; HDR 10 | Resolution : | 3840 X 2160 p | Refresh rate : 60 Hz | Smart features : Live Cast and 2-way sharing, Home Cloud, Voice Assistants, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HotStar, Sony Liv | Audio : 20 watts | Connectivity : 3 HDMIand 2 USB ports | Warranty : 1-year comprehensive warranty and additional 1-year Warranty on panel

Samsung Crystal processor

This advanced processor with its high contrast ratio brings out the clarity in each image that goes into making the sequences. The 4K UHD resolution is clearly reflected in sharp, crisp images and makes viewing a pleasant experience.

Good picture quality

The HDR technology produces crystal clear pictures with a high degree of detailed colour reproduction. The nuances in dark and bright scenes are distinctly visible, resulting in increased picture clarity.

Virtual music system

This is a unique feature of Samsung, that transforms your TV screen into an on-screen visual simulation of the sound and beats when you play music on it. The 3 colour tones display takes away the monotony of a static screen, lending a feel of a dedicated audio system.

Live Cast

As with other advanced models, this TV allows you to broadcast your live video from a remote place, enabling you to directly share your experience with family and friends.

Two-way sharing

Further, the ‘ two-way sharing feature enables you to not only project content from your smartphone to your large TV screen, but it also allows you to carry content from your TV on your Samsung smartphone, so you can enjoy it on the move. (These two features work with select Samsung smartphones only.)

Computer mode

Morph your TV screen into a full fledged personal computer when you need to. By syncing it, you can work on it by mirroring your smartphone or even accessing the cloud.

Home Cloud

You can stash your data onto your TV’s own Home Cloud safely, wirelessly, so you can save it and use it conveniently. This allows you to free up space on your phone as well as ensures safe storage of your data.

Clean Cable Solution

The cables are managed by concealing them in a recess in the stand. This not only keeps your TV backdrop neat and tidy, but also saves you the labour of tucking them away from time to time.

Smart Hub and Content Guide

Your TV has a ready guide displaying content options you can select at will with the One Remote with ease without having to surf extensively.

Content Partners

Netflix, Prime Video, Sony Liv, HotStar and more. You can stream a good deal of videos, movies and other content on your TV. These are subject to terms and conditions and charges from the providers as usual.

Voice command activation

This TV is compatible with Bixby as well as Alexa, so just connect your smartphone, and you can control different functions of your TV, like, switching channels, controlling volume, etc. by just speaking into your phone.


  • Exceptional picture quality
  • Excellent Smart features
  • Good Audio
  • Voice Assistants


  • Not much

Expert Eye Verdict

Excellent Samsung TV with a load of features and excellent audiovisual quality.

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8. Sanyo Kaizen series 4K UHD Android certified LED TV ; XT- 43UHD 4S. (2020)

In the Japanese tradition

Sanyo Kaizen Smart 4K TV series inspires customer confidence that comes naturally from experiencing Japanese audio-video culture. This is a 2020 offering bringing 4K brilliance to home entertainment and is Google certified to run on the latest Android Pie 9.0 OS.

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Defining features and specifications ( Sanyo 43 inch 4K TV)

Screen /Display : 43 inch / 4K UHD ; HDR 10 | Resolution : | 3840 X 2160 p | Refresh rate : 60 Hz | Smart features : Android 9.0 | Netflix | Amazon Prime Video |Chromecast | Bluetooth remote with voice search | 2GB RAM with 16 GB storage. | Audio : 20 watts output | 2 way sound audio link |Digital sound processing | Dolby | Connectivity : 3 HDMIand 2 USB ports | Warranty : 1-year comprehensive warranty.


Quad Core CPU and the triple core GPU together build a formidable capability to deliver speed that ensures fluid multitasking and quick booting and, importantly, smooth web browsing.

Visual brilliance

This 4K UHD model displays visuals with crystal clarity and superior contrast giving a stunning expression to the entire colour spectrum. HDR 10 and HLG combine to produce a satisfying image quality giving rise to a 1.07 billion colour array which retains its clarity even when viewed from wide angles. It uses Micro dimming technology which minutely analyses content for adjusting brightness and darkness to turn out the optimal picture quality with extreme clarity.

Audio clarity

The TV comes with Dolby Digital sound that finds expression through 20 watts of speaker output. The crisp and clear sound combines well with the excellent picture quality to complete an audiovisual effect that makes for immersive viewing experience.

Entertainment apps

The smart aspect of the TV gives you access to a wide range of entertainment options like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney + Hotstar, Zee 5 and a lot more that you can access from Google Play Store.

Voice activatio

The ergonomically designed remote houses a dedicated button. Just press it once and give a gentle command to Google Assistant to access your favourite programs.

Casting feature

With built-in Chromecast, you can use your smartphone or any other smart device to stream personal videos, images or any content from the Web onto your big screen.

Excellent connectivity

A generous three dedicated HDMI and two USB ports allow you to freely connect your favourite peripheral devices to the TV, allowing you to truly, freely multitask. A good number of ports, particularly, HDMI allow you to keep connected multiple devices like a gaming console, a Blu Ray and so on to the TV.

Audio link technology

Advanced Bluetooth technology enables you to smoothly link your smartphone to your TV and stream your favourite music and listen to it on the powerful Dolby Digital assisted TV speakers. The music continues to play even after you turn off the TV screen.


  • Superior picture quality 
  • Dolby Digital sound 
  • Excellent connectivity 
  • Voice activation


  • Nothing significant

Expert Eye Verdict

A high-quality Japanese technology made TV with all-round features. One of the best 43 inch smart 4K TVs in India.

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9. TCL 43 inch 4K, UHD Certified Android Smart LED TV ; 43P615 : (Black) with Dolby Audio.

TCL. A good option

TCL‘s 43P615 TV jostles with the leading top three Japanese and South Korean brands in India and comes through successfully, offering good technology, features and quality. It makes a strong statement and offers excellent value for money.

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Defining features and specifications ( TCL 43 inch Smart 4K TVs)

Screen /Display : 43 inch / 4K UHD ; HDR 10 | Resolution : | 3840 X 2160 p | Refresh rate : 60 Hz | Memory : 2 GB RAM and 6 GB ROM | Smart features : AI Google Assistant Alexa, TCL AI. Voice Assistant, Netflix, YouTube and more, Android 9.0, Google Cast + T-cast, Bluetooth | Audio : Power speakers ; Surround virtualiser | Bluetooth : Yes, 5.0 | WiFi : Yes | Connectivity : 3 HDMI and 1 USB ports | Warranty : 12 months comprehensive warranty.

Feature rich

This TCL TV boasts the most features that other brands offer and at the same time offers great value for your money. It has all the trappings of a Smart 4K, Android-based TV.

Refined, high clarity visuals

The 4K UHD resolution is right up there and creates an impressive visual experience. The 4K technology dishes out brilliant colours across the entire spectrum. They appear as rich, yet, subtle hues creating a spectacular palette translating into engaging visuals.

The HDR10 format refines the image reproduction by capturing details in the light and dark aspects of the images. The result is sharper contrast and greater depth and detail in the images.

4K upscaling and Dynamic colour enhancing

These colour improvisation technologies enhance and optimise colour response to objects and images automatically. The TV adapts to images and scenes by varying the colour intensity to provide optimal reproduction.

Dolby sound

To complete the audiovisual effect, it uses DOLBY AUDIO system to deliver powerful sound that is crisp and crystal clear. The result is an outstanding and satisfying audiovisual experience.

Smart Quotient

It has plenty to offer in the ‘smart zonethat is so necessary to fulfil all the utility needs of a TV buff.


It operates with Android Pie 9, efficiently opening access to entertainment apps like Google Play, YouTube, Games and so on.

Google Play Store and Service

Music, videos, movies, educational videos and more are all accessible through Netflix, YouTube and more.

Content streaming

T-Channel of TCL gives you access to 950,000 + content options like movies, live shows, sports, from video – on-demand providers like Hotstar, Yupp TV, Jio and so on.

Voice activation

Its compatibility with Hey Google offers you the comfort of easily operating various functions like switching channels, volume control and so on by using voice command.

TCL ‘s own TV AI voice activation allows you to use voice commands using the remote. It even allows you to connect to home appliances and devices so you can function in your home with ease and comfort.


  • AI picture and Sound engine achieves excellent audiovisual rendering
  • Good Smart features 
  • Excellent Value for money
  • Voice Assistants


  • Not much

Expert Eye Verdict

Even though TCL lacks the star power of the top three brands, it offers good quality and technology and great value for money. Easily one of the best 43 inch Smart 4K TVs in India.

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10. Hisense 43 inch 4K UHD Smart Certified Android, Smart LED TV 43A6GE ; (Black) with Dolby Vision and Atmos.

Attractive feature set

This ultra slim Hisense TV is Google certified and hosts the Android 9.0 pie version and comes with a nice bunch of features that makes it an attractive option that is easily more worthy than it’s tag suggests.

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Defining features and specifications ( Hisense 43 inch Smart 4K TV)

Screen /Display : 43 inch / 4K UHD ; HDR 10 | Resolution : | 3840 X 2160 p | Refresh rate : 60 Hz| Storage : 2 GB RAM and 16 GB ROM | Audio : 24 watts ; Dolby Atmos and multi channel surround sound | Connectivity : 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports, Ethernet | WiFi : Yes | Warranty : 1-year comprehensive warranty and additional 1-year Warranty on panel |

Smart features

Built-in Google Assistant | Android 9.0 pie | Official play store | Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney + Hotstar, | Home Dashboard | Chromecast

UHD AI upscaler

This modern feature processes audio video content produced at lower resolutions and transforms it into Hi-res 4K like output so you can enjoy visuals with more distinct contrast and colour with maximum clarity.

Ultra colour enhancer

The UCE aspect improves upon the content colour transporting the entire spectrum into a vivid, vibrant and natural realm. As a result the visual quality is upscaled to a higher degree of fineness making the pictures more lifelike.

Keeps pace with fast motion

Playing games using your gaming console with your Hisense TV is particularly satisfying as it ensures low latency to stay abreast with fast action scenes to give you a lag-free gaming experience.

Dolby vision HDR

With Dolby Vision high dynamic range the TV is able to produce a visual spectrum that infuses a high degree of realism into the visuals. Dolby Vision raises the level of brightness to 40 times and makes the blacks 10 times darker than they would normally be. The result is a dramatically enhanced audio visual impact that gives you a cinematic experience right in your living room.

Dolby Atmos sound

The excellent, effective speaker system introduces the punch you need to go with the superb 4K picture quality to you to turn your TV into a capable entertainment hub. High quality Dolby Atmos sound reproduction provides just the sonic element needed to complete an elevated audio visual experience.

Voice Assistant

This Hisense TV makes operating effortless and snappy as it hosts built-in Google Assistant. The voice aid enables you to quickly access content as well as answers to your queries. You no longer need to be ‘ click weary’ and can, actually choose not to type when you don’t have to.

Sports Mode

Watching live sports that particularly involves fast motion is close to as exciting as watching it live in a stadium.. Sports Mode provides an acoustically and visually enhanced experience that is superior to a normal scale is capable of.


This built-in mirroring feature enables you to cast your favourite content like videos, music and albums from your devices, allowing you to watch it all on the big screen.

Built-in Dual band WiFi

The TV boasts a dual band WiFi built-in that allows you to stream light to intense data content on a penetrative 2.4 Ghz and a wider 5.0 Ghz pathway. You can be sure that all your devices can have access to adequate bandwidth to surf the Web, send mails, download volumes of files and engage in intense gameplay without a pause.


Also, being Bluetooth enabled connecting various devices like headphones, smart phone and so on is a completely wireless and effortless exercise.

Attractive design

The TV has been thoughtfully designed with sleek lines and gentle contours to achieve a wholesome and elegant look. It’s minimalist silliouette comfortably blends into most living room decors.


  • Impressive picture quality
  • Good sound
  • Good features
  • Affordable


  • None significant

Expert Eye Verdict

This is one of the best 43 inch 4K Smart LED TVs in India, in it’s class.

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Kwik ! tips – Buyer’s Guide | Best 43 inch Smart 4K TVs in India.

Best 43 inch 4K TV in India

How to choose a 43 inch Smart 4K TV

Here are some guiding words to help you simplify your search for the ‘best 43 inch Smart 4K TV ‘….

Impulse buying is more often a miss than a hit

Once you decide to buy a TV, the next step is to know how to go about getting the right one which will give you the best value for the right price.

It is when you start considering different options available that you realise you need to know a bit more about the maze of features and specs you didn’t know much about and a few which you didn’t know even existed.

This Kwik! tipsBuying Guide’ attempts to demystify this seemingly daunting exercise of selecting the optimal TV in exchange for your hard-earned cash. Here are some important points to know before you decide to buy a TV,

Know your budget

The first step you need to take is to define your budget. Once you have decided on it, you can start flipping through different models available. Along the way, you might want to have that extra feature you like, which will cost you a little more. So, it could be useful to create a small buffer zone which you can dig into to accommodate the better brand or model.

Screen Resolution

43 inch smart 4K TV

It is a foregone conclusion that 4K is today the pinnacle where lies the best picture clarity and hence the best picture quality. ( here, we shall not mention 8K which is here, yet ‘not quite here‘, in the overall realistic sense.)

We are aware that 4K refers to the pixel count on a screen. It is this count in 4K resolution, which is roughly four times the 1080 pixels than an HD display possesses. 4K simply translates into more distinct blacks and more intense depth of objects and images. Simple as it sounds, this high resolution has transformed TV viewing into a glorious experience.

A blade of grass or an eagle soaring in the sky snap into focus with extreme clarity on 4K TV. Something a non-4k TV is not capable of. However, in the wider perspective, when budget is a constraint, an HD TV with a 1080 pixels count can still deliver the next best viewing experience which is fantastic in its own right.

So, if the budget does not permit, fret not. Just choose an HD / HD ready, TV which is a good standard in itself.

HDR compatibility

HDR or High Dynamic Range is a picture technology usually accompanied by 4K resolution. It is really a benchmark in quality image reproduction. It magnifies contrast in a given pixels framework bringing to life more colour nuances resulting in a more natural and lifelike vividness of colours and depth.

If you are going to coax 4K into your living room, choose HDR as well. This amazing combo, however, will come at a cost.


An excellent picture quality without good sound is an audiovisual treat like a cake with no icing. Not all TVs will offer you a great audio experience.

The good ones, however, are endowed with high end built-in systems. A Sony, for instance, could come with Dolby ATMOS or DTS Virtual X which produces crystal clear and crisp surround sound that wraps itself around you, giving you goosebumps and the feeling of a truly realistic cinematic experience.

And, Bass Reflex Speakers with audio that ably complement the visuals by delivering sound with a punchy bass without drowning the clarity. Drums and guitar strumming sound as thrilling as they are meant to.

Sound upgrade

If you are an audiophile who feels that the existing audio in your TV is just not close enough to studio sound, you can seriously consider hooking up a nice soundbar to your TV, or even go the whole hog and get a home theatre system to give you the goosebumps.

Smart features

A vast majority of modern TVs have Smart capabilities. Just by virtue of being able to connect with the internet, a smart TV is able to embrace an ever expanding vista of information. That could be entertainment, educational or functional.

Most smart TVs come with pre-installed apps or are able to download just as your smartphone does from an app store. Many have built-in Web browsers which allow you to view videos, images and shows from the comfort of your favourite sofa.

The casting feature enables you to stream content from your smartphone or laptop to your TV. Some have the ability to morph into functional hubs enabling you to control smart bulbs and other household devices.

That’s a whole lot of tempting features that could enhance the functional value of your living room.

Let your budget decide how smart your TV is.


Best 43 inch TV for gaming

Although, every TV has connectivity options, a truly capable smart TV should ideally have at least two USB ports and two HDMI ports.
The connectivity aspect is crucial for a Smart TV. You are going to be connecting devices and peripherals like a soundbar, a gaming console or Chromecast to your TV. You don’t want one port to be juggling different devices to keep them connected.

Ideally, make sure you get at least three HDMI ports, and preferably, the new 2.1 format if possible.

Refresh rate

  • Refresh rate’ refers to the number of times a picture on your screen is refreshed every second. An adequate refresh rate produces fluid, blur-free motion. Whether you are watching fast action scenes movies, enjoying live sports or indulging in exciting gaming, an adequate refresh rate will ensure that your viewing experience is jitter-free and smooth.
  • While, refresh rates can go as high as 120 Hz and higher still, a range of 50 Hz to 60 Hz is adequate for watching movies and shows as well as gaming.


With TVs getting increasingly sleeker and slimmer, a minimalist approach to design has become the norm. As a result, most models blend comfortably into the living room landscape. Most TVs are well designed with mostly style nuances differentiating one from another.

Choose wisely

The dictum “a little more will fetch you a lot more” holds true when it comes to purchasing a Smart 4K TV. So if you find that extra feature or upscaled quality too enticing to ignore, you could consider using that little buffer to bring it home.

Final words… 

(Best 43 inch Smart 4K TVs in India ( 2022 ) 

A little more fetches you a lot more

4K TV technology is now firmly part of the home entertainment landscape. And, although a 43 inch Smart 4K TV is obviously going to cost you a little more than a ‘ non ‘, the benefits are substantial and outweigh the extra investment you will make just once in some years. 

The difference in price has and is increasingly coming down, and the breeze is blowing to push it into the mainstream of TV culture. So, if you are willing to spend that extra money for a refined audio-video experience, then be assured that 4K certainly earns every penny of it.

If you have any queries, you can post them in the comments section, and our team at bluewater tech shall get back with an answer.  

43 inch smart 4K TV

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