8 Best QLED TVs In India (2022)

QLED TVs offer improved brightness and precise colours, creating captivating imagery.


8 best Smart 4K QLED TVs in India
in 2022.

What is QLED?

The LED TV display has long been a dependable and integral part of home entertainment. Progressive, relentless efforts to improve upon this type of display have given rise to the greatly improved and more sophisticated QLED display. The difference between the two lies in the ‘Q’ which stands for ‘Quantum dots.

Quantum dots focus on the blue and red aspects of the spectrum and are capable of producing highly saturated and more precisely defined colour imagery. Much higher than the long-serving, faithful LED type of display.

QLED is the logical progressive step-up from LED and HDR

QLED succeeds in unlocking the potential of HDR. It vastly improves upon the ability of High Dynamic Range or HDR as we know it, to reproduce brightness and colour depth. It succeeds in creating a peak performance that nudges the levels of brightness and colour reproduction above previously known standards.

Is a QLED TV worth it?

If you consider that QLED provides much higher peak brightness and colour intensity, two vital elements of optimum picture quality, then yes, a QLED TV certainly is worth the extra pound.

Which are the best QLED TVs?

The precise answer to this question lies in this carefully compiled ‘ Buyer’s Guide, 2022 ‘ that shows the 8 best Smart 4K QLED TVs in India in 2022.

1.Samsung, The Serif series. 55 inch 4K UHD, Smart QLED TV. QA55LS01TAKXXL

Samsung QLED Edge

Samsung QLED TVs use a refined ‘ metal-sheathed’ technology that gives them a distinct edge over other QLEDs. They push brightness levels higher, and the colours they produce have more volume and intensity.

Also, they are not prone to burn-in. Which means ‘ no more random phantom spots on your QLED screen.’ That’s a major plus.

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Defining features and specifications (Samsung Smart 4k QLED TV)

Screen/Display. : ( Size options : 43/55/ & 65 inches ; QLED ) | Resolution : 4K ; ( 3840 X 2160 p. ) | Refresh rate : 60 Hz | Smart features : Multiple Voice Assistants | Home Cloud |SmartThings App | Live Cast |Screen Share |Home Computer || Audio : Dolby Digital Plus ; 40 Watts Output| Connectivity : 4 HDMI and 2 USB ports | Warranty : 1-year comprehensive warranty and additional 1-year Warranty on panel |

Samsung picture technology

The Serif model uses Samsung’s Quantum Dot Technology that reproduces a brilliant spectrum of deep, rich, yet subtle colours on the QLED screen. The HDR10 + ensures that the brightness and contrast are automatically adjusted according to the needs of the images. This translates into extremely high-quality on-screen visuals that make viewing exciting.

Crisp sound

The sound system produces highly distinct and clear sounds with its Active Voice Amplifier so your focus on dialogues is not diminished and you continue to enjoy the content.

Multi-view and tap-view

These are unique features of this TV. The first allows you to watch TV and your smartphone on-screen content simultaneously on your large TV screen, while the second allows you to shift the movie or any content you have been watching on your smartphone to your TV screen with just a quick, gentle tap.

Multiple Voice Assistants

Bixby, Alexa and Google Assistant are all available to place commands at the tip of your tongue, so to speak. That leaves you with options of voice commands to conveniently operate your TV. Whenever you do not want to bother with text entries, your able Assistants are happy to help.

Computer mode

Samsung technology that allows you to swiftly turn your TV into a personal computer allowing you to complete your assignments on the big screen.

Your own cloud

In addition, it has Home Cloud that is your own space for bytes that you can store and retrieve at will without depending on an outside source.

Live Cast

The Live Cast acts as an exciting feature that enables you to actually broadcast a live event on to your TV.

Music player

Converts your screen into a ‘ virtual music system‘ that simulates the sound and beats graphics on the screen. It gives you the feel of having a dedicated music system.

Captivating design

The Serif look is contained in a uniquely designed frame. Not from the regular palette that mainly produces shades of black, it has a white frame with an ‘I section‘ profile that makes a beauty statement.

The attention-grabbing white frame holds a sleek and stylish body, complete with an ‘A’ line stand. A Samsung 4K QLED TV to cherish.

Ambient mode and murals

While the Ambient Mode provides a range of choices and settings, the ‘no blank screen’ feature produces beautiful nature-inspired images on the screen when you are not actually watching TV. The presence of these images introduces a feel of liveliness in your living room. This is the only TV with this unique feature among the Best Smart 4K QLED TVs in India.

Why you should choose it

  • Quantum Dot technology
  • Multiple Voice Assistants
  • Attractive Mural mode
  • Good Sound technology 
  • Novel white, stylish design

Why you shouldn’t

  • Nothing significant

Screen size options : 43 | 55 | 65 inches.

Expert Eye Verdict

The QLED Serif series by Samsung is simply brilliant. It is clearly one of the best 55 inch Smart 4K QLED TVs in India.

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2. One Plus Q 1 series 55 inch 4K Certified Android QLED 55Q1-1 Pro TV | with sliding soundbar

Popular QLED

The well endowed ONE PLUS PRO 55Q1-1 PRO, with the added traction of the QLED tag has taken off well to quickly become one of the most popular and exciting offerings in its class.

Bright and vivid picture

 One Plus Smart 4K QLED Pro TV  upscales the HDR output to produce a precisely defined array of bright colours with deep and distinct contrast providing an engaging viewing experience.

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Defining features ( One Plus Q1 PRO Smart 4K QLED TV)

Screen /Display : Size options : 55 / 65 inches | QLED display VA Panel | 120% NTSC| Resolution 3840 x 2160 pixels | Display features  HDR 10, HDR 10+ | HLG decode | Dolby Vision | Smart features  Chromecast | Amazon Prime Video |Google Assistant |One Plus Connect Mobile Sync | Android Pie || Audio  Dolby Atmos; 50 watts ( 2.1 ch. Speakers) |2 tweeters |2 subwoofers || Connectivity  4 HDMI and 3 USB ports | Operating System  OxygenPlay | ( Android 9 Pie) | Warranty 1 year comprehensive warranty and additional 1 year warranty on panel |

Exciting One Plus

The ONE PLUS PRO 55Q1-1 is one of the most exciting offerings in this category. Rich with high-end features, it earns its place on our list of the Best 55 inch Smart 4K QLED TVs in India 2020.

Advanced features

Built-in WIFI and super ‘ARC supporting HDMI ‘ connectivity along with a convenient caboodle of functional features make this One Plus Smart 4K QLED TV a compelling choice. Based on the Android platform, it is ably Voice Activated and has all the trappings of an exciting entertainment hub.

Vibrant display

The QLED display aided by Dolby Vision HDR produces enhanced contrast depth and brightness The TV adopts the NTSC colour gamut, which is capable of high accuracy. Coupled with QLED display’s inherent brightness, it produces a wide spectrum of rich and vibrant colours that deliver an exciting visual effect.

Gamma colour magic

This One Plus colour enhancing system helps create an overall wholesome picture reproduction.

4K resolution

The One Plus 4K HDR technology identifies minor details of every image and enhances the picture clarity to a high degree that shows up in the highly satisfying viewing experience. The TV uses a multi – HDR profile ( HDR10 +HLG) along with its dynamic scene – by – scene adjustment tech to enhance and produce true HDR picture quality. This is reflected in visuals with rich, subtle colour reproduction.

Alluring sound

The 8 speakers system is a comprehensive 2.1 channel unit with 4 front speakers, 2 tweeters and 2 subwoofers that release an impressive 50 watts output. The dedicated tweeters and woofers ensure excellent frequency separation that makes high and low-frequency sounds emerge as distinct and clear. Riding on Dolby Atmos, the sound system delivers a rich and alluring acoustic effect that complements the advanced display to provide a punchy, high-quality audiovisual experience.

Wide connectivity

A wide array of connectivity ports allows you to create a comprehensive entertainment hub. You don’t have to juggle between ports and devices to keep your peripherals connected. The console hosts ample ports that include four HDMI and three USB ports to connect hard drives and your other devices. With your Blu Ray and your soundbar not having to compete for a port, the functional ease that the One Plus Pro offers in this respect is unmatched.

Android TV

The TV uses the Android platform with the latest Android Pie 9.0, giving you access to Amazon Prime Video and Google Play Store. Besides, the Oxygen VOD gives you access to a vast array of entertainment options.

Minimalist and elegant design

This Oneplus TV is crafted to achieve a sleek and stylish look that easily blends into the decor of a living room without lending it a cluttered feel. The slim, stylish appearance is partly made possible by an almost bezel-less screen to body ratio of 95.7% and, generally, by following a minimalist design approach.

One Plus Remote

With its you smooth functionality and dedicated buttons, it is equally elegant and allows you to conveniently control your entertainment system.

Why you should choose it

  • Impressive audiovisual quality
  • QLED display
  • Dolby Vision Sleek and stylish look
  • Includes HDR10, HDR10+, HLG

Why you shouldn’t

Screen size options : 55 | 65 inches

Expert Eye Verdict

A feature-rich, excellent quality One Plus Smart 4K QLED TV that has become extremely popular.  One of the best 55 inch Smart 4K QLED TVs in India.

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3. Samsung 55 inch Smart 4K UHD QLED TV ; QA55QN90AAKLXL (2021 ) Titan Black.

Samsung’s QLED superiority

The QLED 70 TAKXXL series is Samsung’s 2020 release. It redefines ‘ immersive viewing’ by providing livelier, brighter colour strokes to your TV’s picture performance.

Optimal AL performance

This model unleashes the Samsung order of Ambient Light performance, which is unmatched. The colour, contrast and brightness remain unaffected even in bright ambient light which would normally diminish viewing quality.

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Defining features and specifications ( Samsung 55 inch Smart 4k QLED TV)

Screen/Display. : ( Size options : 55/ & 65 inches ; QLED ) | Resolution : 4K ; ( 3840 X 2160 p. ) | Refresh rate : 60 Hz | Smart features : Multiple Voice Assistants | Home Cloud |SmartThings App | Live Cast |Screen Share |Home Computer || Audio : 20 Watts Output | Adaptive sound plus | Dolby Digital Plus | Connectivity : 4 HDMI and 2 USB ports | Warranty : 1-year comprehensive warranty and additional 1-year Warranty on panel |

Quantum processor

Samsung’s Quantum processor delivers a powerful performance. It not only projects 4K content brilliantly but even redefines videos and images produced at lower resolutions. It automatically upscales such content by reducing image noise and captures minute details to sharpen the edges around images and text alike to reproduce more lifelike images with the highest clarity.

Quantum HDR 10 +

It uses deeper tone mapping to paint images with deeper blacks, vibrant colours and finer detail. The enhanced contrast brings a high degree of clarity and vividness to the screen, making viewing more exciting.

Adaptive picture

Quantum dots technology makes the display adaptive to different levels of brightness at different times of the day. The picture assumes 100% colour volume and constantly adjusts brightness and colour tone throughout your viewing.

Dolby Digital sound

Adaptive Sound Plus and Dolby Digital Plus combine to create an immersive sonic experience. The Dolby quality sound reveals good frequency separation making vocals and instruments emerge with excellent clarity.

Active Voice Amplifier helps deliver dialogues with clarity by amplifying the vocals and preventing the din arising from your surroundings from drowning climactic scenes.

Faithful Voice Assistants

Assume control over your sophisticated TV for all your viewing needs and more. The TV is equipped with Bixby, Alexa and Google Assistant that perform more than just switch channels and adjust the volume.

Whether it is sweeping robots, smart curtains or smart lighting, your dependable assistants make it extremely easy to make these devices work for you.

Real Gaming Enhancer plus

Let’s not overlook the gaming advantage this TV offers. The super clarity achieved by RGE + allows you to experience gaming without having to make adjustments during fast-motion scenes due to stutter or blur.

AMD Free-sync enables you to enjoy and win games without losing split seconds in moments of stutter and image tearing.

Ambient Mode +

Switching off your TV can subdue the wall and the room into a silent dull state. The Ambient Mode, rather than allowing the screen to disappear into its own darkness, releases exciting and alluring murals to set or retain the mood and ambience of your living room.

Content access

With this Samsung QLED, you can access endless videos and music from content partners. You get a curated list from broadcasting and streaming channels, personalised to you.

Your One Remote gives you control over your gaming console, set-top box, lve TV and apps alike.

Why you should choose it

  • Super QLED performance
  • Good sound
  • Voice commands 
  • Sleek and elegant look

Why you shouldn’t

  • No significant reason

Screen size options : 55 | 65 inches

Expert Eye Verdict

A winner and a compelling choice. Among the best 55 inch Smart 4K QLED TVs in India.

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4.Vu 65 Inch; The Masterpiece Glo series 4K UHD Android Smart QLED TV ; 65QMP ( Armani Gold ) with integrated 4.1 speaker.

The TV with a rich feature set

Vu TVs are made by Vu Technologies which has its roots in USA. This 65 inch Masterpiece TV boasts a host of technology features which other leading brands offer, and more. It has been creating a buzz in the TV market due to it’s feature set as well as it’s ‘Value For Money’ tag.

This Vu QLED TV is one of the best in India. It is 4K with HDR10 technology and a lot of other features.

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Defining features and specifications ( Vu 65 inch Smart 4K QLED TV)

Screen /Display : 65 inch / QLED / UHD | Resolution : | 3840 X 2160 p | Refresh rate : 120 Hz | Smart features : Android ; Activoice remote control | Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, Spotify ; Google ecosystem ; AMD Freesync | Chromecast | | Google Play Store | Voice Assistant : Farfield voice control | Memory : 3 GB RAM and 16 GB ROM | Audio : 4.1 channel speakers with 100 watts output ; Dolby Atmos sound | Connectivity : 4 HDMI ; 1 HDMI 2.1 port and 2 USB ports ; Ethernet | Bluetooth : Yes, 5.0 | WiFi : Yes | Warranty : 1-year comprehensive warranty |

Powerful processor

Powered by new generation 64 bit Quad Core processor and assisted by an advanced Graphics processor, this Vu TV is equipped with a 3 GB RAM along with 16 GB storage capacity. These two critical aspects make the TV an excellent performer that can store and access your favourite videos, music and albums freeing up space in your smartphone.

Sonic brilliance

Dolby Atmos makes sure that the quality of surround sound is of a high pedigree. The surround effect is such that instrumentals and vocals sound distinct and come through with crystal clarity. It also incorporates preset options which can be turned on to provide different frequencies like bass and high pitch notes and vocals.

Entertainment apps

The sleek remote has dedicated buttons for Google Assistant, Netflix and Prime Video. These quick access buttons make it easy to use or watch these channels and apps. Extensive 4K content including live news are all accessible on this Android TV. Live news can be accessed with a single click of a button.

Voice Activation

It boasts a Farfield array sensitive mic which, owing to it’s AI enabled high accuracy, recognises and accepts commands from a distance. The sleek and elegant remote control too supports voice search and Google Assistant.


A favourable refresh rate of 120 Hz enables a smoothe, jitter-free gaming experience, which makes a large difference when engaged in competitive gaming. While watching videos, low latency ensures that motion blur is absent, which means scene transition is smoothe and seamless.

Multiple modes

The live and cinema modes ensure precise reproduction of action and scenes. The TV’s adaptive feature ensures that objects and images are acutely defined so that details like a ball in flight are clear and distinct and so are clearly visible.

The AI mode automatically adjusts image detail on the fly, so that the level of picture clarity is constantly high. Also, the AI mode eliminates any image noise, even if it is barely noticeable.

Ample connectivity ports

Four HDMI ports, two USB ports and a coaxial port provide seamless connectivity to devices. For gaming it has an HDMI 2.1 port which provides a seamless, blur free experience.

Why you should choose it

  • Excellent picture quality
  • Great value for money
  • Good Smart Quotient
  • Best selling model

Why you shouldn’t

  • No significant reason

Screen size options : 55 | 65 | 75 inches

Expert Eye Verdict

A load of features makes the Masterpiece Vu one of the best 65 inch LED TVs in India in 2022. A fantastic buy.

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5. TCL 65 Inch 4K UHD Android certified Smart QLED TV ; 65C715 (2020)

TCL excellence

4k QLED wonder is what this most recent release by TCL is. This 65 inch 4k smart QLED TV releases a stunning picture reproduction with unmatched brightness and natural and pleasing, vivid colours.

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QLED splendour Defining features (TCL 65 inch Smart 4K QLED TV)

Screen / Display : Size options : 55 /65 inches ; 4K UHD | Resolution : 3840 × 2160 p|
Refresh rate : 60 Hz |
Smart features : Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube | Chromecast | hands-free voice control |Google Assistant |Home Cloud | Built-in WIFI ||
Audio : 30 watts output | Dolby Atmos | DTS |
Connectivity : 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports |
Warranty : 18 months comprehensive warranty |

This TV adopts Quantum Dots technology which is known to produce images with the highest brightness. It analyses and releases the Red Blue Green spectrum in glorious detail, giving rise to lively visuals.

Dolby visual effect

The keen Dolby Vision makes the true to life images dramatic by intuitively treating and elevating the contrast, colour and brightness to a higher degree of fineness.

HDR 10

It uses HDR 10, a benchmark for peak brightness and colour depth and accuracy, that brings to life every scene affording you an optimal visual experience.

Dolby Atmos sound

This efficient Dolby system produces excellent frequency separation, bringing out a superior, distinct vocal and instrumental release. The emerging sounds swirl through your living room space with their individual effects.

Dolby Audio and DTS

The sonic excellence of these Dolby systems completes the entertainment experience with a 7.1 channel surround sound from 30 watts of speaker power.

The keen audio package turns watching movies, music shows, live sports into an immersive experience.

Smart quotient

Hands-free voice control makes operating your TV extremely convenient and simple. Using voice commands, you can switch and reserve channels, control volume and more with ease and comfort. Your TV turns into a smart, functional hub allowing you to control smart home systems like sweeping robots, curtains and lights, all with voice commands.

Magic connect

This feature enables you to control and operate your TV through your smartphone. You can take a screenshot of an ongoing movie and save it to memory.

Google play store

This Google connect gives you access to a wide range of entertainment, including movies, shows and console styled gaming.

Certified Android system

Transform your home time into a matchless and engaging experience with endless entertainment options from OTT partners.

The latest Android Pie 9.0 connects you to YouTube, Google Play and more to enable you to stream to your heart’s content.

Why you should choose it

  • Superior visual quality
  • Excellent Dolby driven audio
  • Truly Smart
  • Excellent value

Why you shouldn’t

Screen size options : 55 | 65 inches

Expert Eye Verdict

A fantastic TV with a high Smart Quotient. It is one of the best 65 inch Smart 4K QLED TVs in India and a compelling option.

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6. Samsung 55 inches 4K UHD QLED TV ; QA55Q60TAKXXL

Samsung’s Quantum Dot Technology

Quantum dots produce a much higher level of brightness, enabling the display to render visuals made up of brilliant, vivid, rich, yet subtle tones of a wide array of colours.

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Defining features ( Samsung Smart 4k QLED TV )

Screen /Display : Screen size options :55 / 65 inches | QLED | Resolution : (3840 x 2160) |Refresh rate : 60 Hz Hz | Smart features : Smart TV with free apps |Audio : 20 watts output |Connectivity : 4 HDMI ports |2 USB ports | Bluetooth |Warranty : 1 year comprehensive and 1-year additional warranty on the panel |

Quantum HDR 4K

Samsung’s superior HDR capability seeks out hidden details and delivers enhanced and expanded contrast and brightness that results in amazing picture clarity and quality.

AI Assist

The AI aspect helps raise the visual quality by reducing image noise and increasing the peripheral sharpness of objects and text taking clarity of images to a high.

Dolby Digital plus Sound

Dolby Digital Plus and Dialogue enhancement features ensure crisp and clear sound with vocals sounding distinct and resonant. Speaker output of 20 watts produces a pleasing sonic performance highlighted by good frequency separation and instrumental clarity that comes from a Dolby enabled system.

Voice Assistants

Operating your TV is easy with cool voice assistant Bixby. Whether you want to switch apps, flip channels control the volume on your TV, you just need to speak to either Bixby or Google Assistant to do it for you.

Home Cloud

The dedicated Cloud automatically saves and stores important data to your TV wirelessly giving you one more storage option that is safe and accessible, right in your living room. Your favourite content like videos, music and photos can be simply and conveniently accessed anytime you want to.

Smart quotient

If and whenever your entertainment is interrupted by an urgent work assignment, your TV can be transformed into a full-fledged computer. You can conveniently use the Home Cloud or sync your smartphone with your 55-inch screen or even access your office computer to continue unfinished work.

Stream both ways

The TV facilitates ‘ two-way sharing’. That is, you are able to carry TV content on your smartphone as well as watch your Smart device content on the big screen.

Live Cast

This feature enables you to share your experience live with your family and friends, from wherever you are by casting it on to your TV.

Adaptive mode

The TV has an ‘ intelligent mode’ that adjusts the brightness and volume according to the conditions of the room and even to match the content enhancing your viewing pleasure.

Virtual Sound system

The screen comes alive with a projected virtual music system that appears in three different tones. It gives you the feel of listening to music on a dedicated sound system.

One remote and smart hub

An on screen smart hub and the remote enable you to control and access different devices like a set-top box, game console, apps and TV. So you don’t need separate controllers for your entertainment hub.

Depending on the region, voice-activated aids like Google Assistant and Airplay 2 are also available.

Why you should choose it

  • Quantum processor technology
  • Sleek and refined look
  • Excellent picture quality
  • Ample smart features
  • Reliable brand

Why you shouldn’t

  • Speakers could be more than 20 watts

Screen size options : 55 | 65 inches

Expert Eye Verdict

This is a feature-rich TV with excellent audiovisual quality. It is one of the best 55 inch Smart 4K QLED TVs in India.

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7. Oneplus 55Q1-1 ; 55 inch Smart 4K QLED TV

Another winner among the models on our list of the best 55 inch Smart 4K QLED TVs in India 2020 is the Oneplus 55Q1-1 QLED TV.

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Elegant design

This Oneplus TV is crafted to achieve a sleek and stylish look that easily blends into the decor of a living room without lending it a cluttered feel. The slim, stylish appearance is partly made possible by an almost bezel-less screen to body ratio of 95.7% and, generally, by following a minimalist design approach.

Defining features ( One Plus Q1 smart 4K QLED TV)

Defining features ( One Plus Q1 smart 4K QLED TV)Screen/Display : Size options : 55 / 65 inches |QLED display VA Panel | Resolution : 3840 x 2160 pixels |Smart features – 4X Cortex A53 | Mali G51GPU | Google Assistant | One Plus Connect Mobile |Sync and Control | Oxygen OS with Android Pie and more | Dolby Vision | Audio – Dolby Atmos | 50 watts | Connectivity  : 4 HDMI and 3 USB ports | Operating System  : OxygenPlay with Android TV UI ( Android 9 Pie)

Sparkling display

This TV is loaded with tech. The display, being the most important aspect of a TV, is the centrepiece in the entire maze of advanced features that goes into making this TV smart. The display is a QLED with 4K UHD. It’ VA (Vertical Alignment) panel with QLED backlighting produces a wide spectrum of rich and vibrant colours that delivers an exciting visual effect translating into an immersive viewing experience.

4K resolution

The pixel density is an impressive 80ppi. This high pixel density comes from its outstanding 4K resolution of 3840 x 2160p count.

Punchy sound

The Dolby Atmos speaker system provides an impressive 50 watts output that complements the advanced display to provide a punchy, high-quality audiovisual effect.

The PRO version has a separate soundbar, whereas, the non-pro version has an integrated audio system. The quality of sound output, however, is equally good in both.

Ample connectivity

The connectivity basket carries ample ports that include four HDMI and three USB ports to connect hard drives and other USB devices.

Android TV

The TV uses the Android platform giving you access to Amazon Prime, YouTube and Google Play.

Why you should choose it

  • Impressive audiovisual quality
  • QLED display
  • Dolby Vision Sleek and stylish look
  • Includes HDR10, HDR10+, HLG

Why you shouldn’t

  • No significant reason

Screen size options : 55 | 65 inches

Expert Eye Verdict

A high-quality One Plus Smart 4K TV that has climbed high on the popularity chart. Certainly, one of the best 55 inch Smart 4K TVs in India.

8. Hisense 65 inch 4K UHD Smart certified Android QLED TV ; 65U6G/ Metal grey ; ( 2021 ) ; With Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision.

Big on performance

This Hisense offering is a high performing QLED TV available at a surprisingly mid-range price point. Feature-rich, with a high level of brightness this one is snapping at the heels of some premium TV models.

Designed to blend in

It is designed in a unibody form with a minimalist approach. It follows neat lines and contours that make it look elegant and sleek, so it blends into any ambience without a fuss.

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Defining features and specifications (Hisense Smart 4k QLED TV)

Screen/Display. : ( Size : options : 55 / 65 inches ; QLED ) | Resolution : 4K UHD ; ( 3840 X 2160 p. ) | Refresh rate : 60 Hz | Smart features : Android 9.0 pie |Netflix | Amazon Prime Video |Disney +Hotstar | Voice Assistant | Home Cloud | Chromecast |Home Computer || Audio : Dolby Atmos | multi channel surround sound ; 30 Watts Output | Connectivity : 4 HDMI and 2 USB ports | Warranty : 1-year comprehensive warranty. |

High Peak brightness

Quantum dots provides a billion shades of precise colours at a 700 nit peak brightness to produce brilliant images.

Full-Array Dimming helps create optimal pictures with intense blacks and, bright whites bringing in highly distinct images with deep contrast.

Dolby Vision effect

This advanced HDR increases brightness and enhances colour vibrancy to give you a truly cinematic viewing experience. It produces colours that are 40 x brighter and blacks that are 10 times deeper than the normal range.

Powerful refined sound

The powerful speakers with 30 watts output are treated by Dolby Atmos to deliver dramatic sound effects to match the excellent visual quality.

Game mode

A high 60 Hz. Refresh rate and the Game mode enable you to enjoy a rich gaming experience as the lag is minimal, which in turn minimises blur and stutter when you are playing fast motion games.

Android 9.0

Gain access to a vast array of entertainment content, information and games using Google Assistant from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Disney +Hotstar and more.

Download official versions of your favourite apps and games from Google Play Store.


Mirroring allows you to cast your favourite content like videos and photos and more from your smartphone onto the large screen of your TV.

Built-in WiFi

The dual-band Wi-Fi supports 2.4 as well as 5G speeds, allowing efficient streaming of content.


One-touch operating enables you to use dedicated buttons to access your favourite apps and programs with the remote.

It hosts a useful cable management arrangement that keeps any hanging cables neatly tucked away out of sight and out of the way keeping the space clean and uncluttered.

Why you should choose it

  • Excellent picture quality 
  • Good sound 
  • Excellent features 
  • Good connectivity 
  • Elegant design

Why you shouldn’t

Screen size options : 55 | 65 inches

Expert Eye Verdict

An excellent, affordable QLED TV with a load of features, it offers the performance of a premium TV. One of the best 65 inch Smart 4K QLED TVs in India.

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Final words…

( Best Smart 4K QLED TVs in India)

QLED —The logical option

Clearly, QLED TVs have pushed picture performance levels very high making viewing more exciting and realistic. The prospect of owning a QLED TV that offers a brighter and, a much more precisely defined colour gamut seems more enticing than ever for the discerning viewer.

Is a QLED worth it?

As mentioned earlier, if you are a keen viewer and appreciate that a TV is foremost about picture quality, then the much enhanced, brighter and more vivid and lively picture reproduction of a QLED certainly is worth your money.

Which QLED TV is the best ?

Each brand and model listed here earns its ranking among the Best Smart 4K QLED TVs around. But, if one has to be picky, then one would lean towards the leader of innovation, Samsung, for its better overall picture clarity and rendering. Also, Samsung QLEDs claim to be immune to ‘ screen burn-in. ‘

Having said that, Samsung QLEDs do command a higher price, and deservedly so. When it comes to Smart LED TVs, Samsung is easily one of the best. You may also check out Samsung 65 inch and 75 inch QLED TVs. The Next-Gen Samsung 8K QLED TVs will bring about a completely new dimension to TV watching.

Even so, it is a fact that all the above, including the popular One Plus, are exceptionally good TVs, with each one offering either a price or features advantage.

If you have any queries, you can post them in the comments section, and our team at bluewater tech shall get back with an answer.   

QLED smart Tv

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